The main plant introduction of vertical greening

- Apr 12, 2018-

Wall greening is a way for people to carry out vertical greening in building walls, walls, bridges, balconies and windowsills, so as to improve the ecological environment of the city. Compared with the traditional flat greening, the vertical greening has a greater space.

In green buildings to reduce the amount of carbon to improve the quality of living environment, green plants play a great role in it, it can use the most natural plant respiration and photosynthesis to absorb the carbon dioxide in the air, discharge fresh oxygen to update the air quality in the living environment.

Vertical greening means to make full use of different site conditions to choose climbing plants and other plants planting and planting, attached or attached to various structures and other spatial structures, including overpasses, building walls, slopes, river banks, roofs, doors, flower shelves, shelters, balconies, corridors, fences, and fences. A tree and a variety of rockery and building facilities on the green.

In China, the plants used for vertical greening are mainly climbing plants. There are about 30 species commonly used. In recent years, large and small cities all over the country have studied and discussed how to achieve vertical greening in the local area, and a lot of practice has been carried out, and the vertical greening has made great progress.