The International Horticultural Exhibitions

- Oct 24, 2018-

Plant building construction area of about 10000 square meters and a building design concept for the "rising horizon", building surface mechanism in plant roots for inspiration, huge hang down roots spread down, will plant originally hidden underground powerful vitality directly presented to visitors, is not only a strong visual impact, more takes viewers on a wonderful starting to feel the power plant roots plant world tour.

You can find our large planter boxes, flower pots, and green wall to decoarte the exhibitions.

The building is divided into three layers. The first floor is equipped with a tropical plant greenhouse, covering about 3,000 square meters and gathering over 600 kinds of precious plants. Through mangroves, tropical rain forests, ferns, palm trees, polyphytes, insectivorous plants, mosses and other plants to show the diversity of the plant kingdom and the wisdom of plant survival and adaptation, there are 5 big exhibition areas 12 sites. Artificial mangrove trees reproduce the characteristics of viviparous, pillar root and salt secretion that mangrove adapted to the ebb and flow of sea tides, highlighting the ecological functions of coastal guards. Tropical rain forests focus on the competitive and cooperative relations between plants and plants, plants and animals, such as sky garden, monkwood forest, old stem flowers, dripping leaf tip, giant leaf phenomenon, strangulation phenomenon, etc. The palm and the fern show their remarkable propagation and reproduction wisdom. The ability of polymorphic plants to adapt to drought environment was evolved through the metamorphosis of stem and leaf. Insectivorous plants feed on meat; How the dwarf mosses of the plant kingdom find their niche. Through a series of high-tech and creative techniques, the pavilion fully demonstrates the "wisdom of plants", calling for human beings to protect plants, care for the earth and pay attention to the future of mankind.The second floor of the building is a green multi-functional lecture hall, and the conference will hold mangrove, plant science paintings and other theme exhibitions. Climbing from the first floor along the vertical traffic path east of the exhibition hall to the second or third floor, you can enjoy the extreme scenery of the mangrove plants crown from high above.