smart flower planters for street

- Oct 16, 2018-

Main directions and fields: with innovation, efficiency, high-end and characteristic as the core, through the cultivation of new flower varieties, high-quality flower standardization and intelligent production, high-end development of flower industry and Beijing flower brand building. The innovative research on the low price of flower boxes and the fresh circulation after flower picking has made Beijing a national flower industry independent innovation, high-end production, transaction and consumption center, and built a modern urban flower industry that integrates multiple functions.Key research and promotion projects: research and development of local superior flower breeding, introduction and promotion of famous and excellent new flower varieties; Research and popularization of the standardization, pollution-free and intelligent production system of main flower varieties; Intensive processing of edible, medicinal and industrial flowers and product development and promotion; Recycling of flower waste and production, research, development and promotion of special flower facilities, equipment and capital materials; Research and development and demonstration and promotion of key technologies for high-efficiency, environmental protection and non-pollution after-harvest preservation of main flower products; Research on the connotation of flower culture, the design of cultural creative products and the brand strategy of jinghua.Expected output and achievements: 10-15 local superior new varieties were developed, and about 100 domestic and foreign excellent new varieties were introduced every year. Make and revise 3-5 technical standards.Expected benefits and impacts: through innovation research and demonstration and promotion, the output value of the flower industry increases by 10% annually and the flower trading volume increases by 10% annually.