Selection and purchase of flowerpots

- Apr 12, 2018-

Choose a flower pot, but also pay attention to the right size, height. Flowerpots are too large, just like skinny clothes, which affect the appearance, and the flowerpots are big and the plants are small, and the water absorbing ability of plants is relatively weak. After watering, keep moist Pentu long time, and breathing difficulties, easily lead to rot. The pot is too small, top-heavy, but also affect root development. In addition, select the size of container, height three reference point:

1., the diameter of flowerpots must be in line with plant crown diameter.

2. plants with mud, into the pot, the pot should be left around 2-4 cm gap, so as to add new soil.

3. without the mud plant root into the pot, to be able to spread out, it will not bend. If the root or root is too long, can be properly trimmed, a bowl to.