Quality inspection standard for galvanized steel sheet

- Oct 26, 2018-

Quality inspection standard for galvanized steel sheet. all of our galvanzied garden bed and metal planters are used for the great steel sheet.

Quality requirements for good grade galvanized sheet include specification, size, surface, galvanization, chemical composition, shape, machine function and packaging.1. packagingThere are two types of zinc - coated sheet and zinc - coated sheet. Generally, it is packed with iron sheet, lined with moisture-proof paper, and tied with iron casings to prevent the inner galvanized sheet from rubbing against each other.2. sizeThe product dimensions (as described below and below) indicate the recommended scale thickness, length and width of the galvanized sheet and the tolerable defects. Otherwise, the width and length of the board and the width of the volume can also be determined as requested by the user.3. The surface of theGeneral situation: due to different treatment methods in the process of coating and plating, general situation of galvanized sheet is also different, such as general zinc flowers, fine zinc flowers, flat zinc flowers, non-zinc flowers and phosphating disposal, etc. The length of galvanized sheet and galvanized sheet shall not have any defects that affect the use (as shown below), but the sheet shall not have any defects such as welding parts.4. Galvanized quantityGalvanization scale value: galvanization is a widely used method to indicate the thickness of zinc coating on galvanized sheet. There are two types of galvanizing: equal galvanizing and equal galvanizing. The unit of galvanization amount is g/m2.5. The machine function(1) tensile test: generally speaking, only zinc-coated sheet used for layout, stretching and deep drawing has the request of tensile function.(2) bending experiment: it is an important item to weigh the technical function of thin plate. However, the scale of the request for various types of galvanized sheet is different. Generally speaking, after bending the galvanized sheet for 180o, the outer profile shall not leave the zinc layer, and the base shall not crack or break.6. Chemical compositionRequest for the chemical composition of galvanized substrates, the national scale delimitation differences. If Japan does not, the United States does. Product inspection is not normally done.7. Strip shapeBalance sheet black and white has two objectives, namely flatness and sickle bend. The flatness of the plate and the maximum allowable value of the sickle curve are specified.Wuxi may process galvanizing steel sheet with large inventory