PVC micro foaming flower pots

- Nov 13, 2018-

PVC micro foaming material features:1, PVC foaming don't need to paint, later won't appear off paint phenomenon;2, outside the service life of 20 years;3, flower placed in the box set basin, replace the plant more convenient;4, won't appear fade phenomenon such as;5, bearing quality, flexibility good;6, fire prevention, insect-resistant, moth-proofing, anti-corrosion;7, with low carbon, environmental protection, no radiation features such as new materials;8, can the be fond of according to the customer to produce any shape, size, color products;9, industrial processing performance is good, the modelling ability, forming a convenient;10, easy processing, can be recycled;11, the material is not bibulous, no crack;12, the bottom steel structure USES the car paint, hem at the bottom of the optimization, make a box to put more stable.13, material: PVC foam, not bibulous, not moldy, outdoor discoloration, deformation, corrosion, the thickness 31.25 px, the material thickness 31.25 px. Internal and special storage and drainage, with functions of water storage, which can realize water reuse, facilitate the late maintenance of plants.