PVC horse farming fence

- Oct 09, 2018-

The most traditional fence for 4\ is wooden, which is made of logs or wooden boards. They are usually made of fir, two boards about 25 centimeters wide and stakes at least 10 centimeters in diameter. Burrs may cause damage to a horse when wood piles or boards are broken. Some horses like to eat wood, which may damage wooden fences. Wooden fences need frequent repair to extend their service life. It
Conductive fences act as a "psychological barrier" because they trap animals not because of how high or strong the fence is, but because they fear the pain caused by a harmless electric shock. Such
But this kind of fence is not suitable for small-scale horse farms, or just a temporary fence of horse farms, but for those that can accommodate a lot of horses ranch. Conductive barriers are also not suitable for snowy areas, because wind and ice will make these lines loose and droop. Many trees are not suitable for such fences because branches cause short circuits. Such
This fence must be checked regularly to ensure its normal operation. Conductors are usually used in other kinds of palisade connections to prevent horses approaching fences. In some areas, conductive barriers are not allowed, so local policies should be investigated before setting up electric barriers. It
It is really unwise to use such a fence in a racecourse unless it is a line fence designed specifically for horses. Some grid fences are now designed to keep horses safe inside and prevent disease-carrying pests from approaching them. Such
The size of the mesh can at least not allow the horseshoe to kick in. The mesh openings up to 20-25 cm, or the elasticity of the mesh rope is large, regardless of whether power on horses are a great danger. Horses or small PONY are likely to be entangled, cut by wires, and sometimes even fatal. Many people use such fences to the edge that horses are unlikely to touch. But for smaller ranches, there are always a lot of dangers. It
PVC pipe fence is popular in many areas, where pipes are easy to find and inexpensive. The maintenance cost of the palisade is low and strong. Sharp interface and high hardness are two main defects of the pipe fence. The fence is not easy to stand in a wet or marsh environment.