material of steel and wood trash can

- Jan 16, 2019-

Material of steel and wood trash can:

The wood available for selection is anticorrosive wood and imported camphor wood. All the wood used now needs drying, dehydration, planing, sanding and polishing. After hole sealing, special outdoor paint will be sprayed. Also can choose the plastic wood of higher class to replace real wood.Steel and wood garbage can liner:The inner liner is reinforced with glass fiber reinforced plastics, anti-corrosion, anti-theft, long service life.Steel and wood trash can integral steel frame structure:Steel and wood structure trash can is made of steel and wood. The surface is made of anticorrosive wood and the support is made of steel. The steel and wood trash can in henan adopts integral steel frame, which makes the trash can stronger and stronger without shaking and falling apart. Steel pickling, phosphating and plastic-spraying can increase the corrosion resistance by five times.Steel and wood structure trash can applicable place:Steel and wood structure of the trash can suitable for streets, parks, communities, shopping malls, units and schools and other places, beautiful and generous, convenient and practical.Steel and wood trash can is very durable not only, although be in burning hot sunshine insolate, although pass wind and rain to hit, also can appear rarely ageing phenomenon, still have can make all sorts of appearance namely, say so, it is a harbor dirty but do not break beautiful good