knowledge of steel wood dustbin

- Jan 16, 2019-

Introduce to everybody about the knowledge of steel wood dustbin, actually steel wood dustbin everybody is not strange, in the public place such as a few parks, roadside, village, school can often see. For the protection of the environment plays a great role, for the solid steel and wood trash is mainly composed of the following two parts, the first part is the part of the barrel body, the second part is the part of the inner liner, under normal circumstances are beautified. In the following time, little rabbit will introduce the processing technology of steel and wood trash can. Whole with high quality cold tie board. After cutting pressure - time sex forming. Products in outdoor powder electrostatic coating, after the high temperature of 180 °, the maximum of the trash can with life make trash can color constant, bright as new. The surface is degreased and cleaned, followed by pickling, cleaning, table adjustment, phosphating, cleaning, drying, electrostatic powder coating, high temperature plasticization, cooling. Spray powder without SO9002 quality system certification, easy cleaning surface smooth advantages, do not fall off, not layer. The features of the steel and wood suction bucket are much better than those of the fiberglass trash can.

wood waste bin