How to grow the rosehow to grow the rose

- Oct 23, 2018-

Abundant flowers roseBreeding:Cuttage is used commonly breed, yi ke divides plant, tie breed. Cutting can be carried out all the year round, but winter or autumn hardwood cuttings are appropriate, winter cutting is generally carried out in a greenhouse or greenhouse, if open cutting should pay attention to increase moisture preservation measures. The cutting of young trees in summer should pay attention to water management and temperature control, otherwise it will not take root easily. It can also be seeded and bred, mainly for sexual hybridization. Can be used for grafting reproduction, for a few species difficult to root, such as the yellow series of varieties (kimmel, etc.), better to use grafting reproduction, its root wood to Japan thornless rose as appropriate. It is very difficult to achieve full flowering if the sunlight is not enough. Generally speaking, the following key points can be grasped to make a full flowering.1. Sunshine must be long. The place that grows Chinese rose, want to be ventilated already, can get half day above sunshine again. This is the condition that it can bloom so many flowers.Trim regularly. Although sunshine condition is good, but do not prune for a long time, Chinese rose grows not good also. The method of pruning is to remove the side, diseased and concentric branches, so that there will be more regenerated flower buds.3. Watering, weeding, fertilizing, pest prevention, water infiltration into the root, weeding, fertilization times should be more and more timely, rose aphid prone, spraying targeted drugs and new high lipids, greatly improving the utilization rate of effective components of pesticides and fertilizer, not afraid of sun exposure evaporation, can adjust water absorption, drought and rain.4. If the flower is large, gorgeous and has a long flowering period, you can remove 2/3 or 1/2 of the branch that has been opened, or you can also pick a part of the bud when it is long, which can make the nutrition concentrated and spray a strong tieling on the surface of the plant, which can promote the bud to be strong, the petals to be fat, the flowers to be gorgeous, the flowers to be full-bodied, the flowers to be long.5. Change POTS. Abundant flower Chinese rose need not change every year, turn a basin, such as small basin change big basin, all year round feasible.