Have you put the green wall at your home

- Oct 12, 2018-

World health organization definition of healthy housing standard, your family has met the standard?With the rapid development of cities, environmental pollution is not only in the outdoor world. The world health organization once listed indoor environmental pollution as one of the ten biggest killers of human health.According to the definition of world health organization, the so-called healthy residence is the residence that can make the dweller is in body, spirit, society completely in good residence.The levels of chemicals that cause allergies are low2. Equipped with ventilation equipment with good performance, which can discharge indoor pollutants to the outdoors, especially for buildings with high air tightness and high heat insulation, it is necessary to have a central ventilation system with air pipes for regular ventilation. Meet the requirements of the first point, as far as possible not to use chemical distribution of plywood, wall decoration materials.3. Local exhaust equipment should be set in the kitchen stove or smoking area.4. The living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, hallway, bathroom, etc to keep between 17 ~ 27 ℃ all the year round.5. The annual indoor humidity is 40%~70%.Co2 is less than 100 microliters per liter.7. The concentration of suspended dust should be less than 0.15 mg/m2.Noise is less than 50 decibelsMake sure you get more than 3 hours of sunshine a day.Set up lighting equipment with sufficient brightness.11. Housing should be easy to care for the elderly and the disabled.12. Due to the presence of hazardous volatile organic compounds in the building materials, all residential buildings can only be occupied for a period of time after completion, during which the ventilation is required