Folding iron fence

- Apr 12, 2018-

For the selection of iron fence products, we first need to directly affect the quality and quality of the fence products from the material and material of the welded mesh. The first is how to select the screen of the fence. The mesh is made of wire of different specifications. The quality of the wire is directly affected by the quality of the wire. In the aspect of the wire selection, the wire should be drawn from the high quality wire rod produced by the regular manufacturer; the next is the welding of the mesh or the preparation process. This is mainly the view of the technical people. Good skill and operation ability between a good member and a good production machine. A good mesh can be well connected to every welding or making point. Then we should choose high quality angle steel and round steel for selection of palisade frame, and we should also use different angles and round steels for different fence applications. Then the overall sprayed area should pay attention to the uniformity of sprayed plastics, and the quality of coatings is also crucial.


1. The gauge of the fence column and the thickness of the tube wall.

2, the size of the net frame of the net frame, the size of the net frame.

3, the wire of the mesh, the size of the mesh. Avoid the manufacturer in the production process.