Flowers for window box

- Dec 04, 2018-

The windowsill that European town opens full of flowers, always can decorate the city more attractive, make a person intoxicated. But such beautiful scenery should not only appear in movies and postcards! Is it very in his home also plant a window flower, open a window to harvest a garden? Below small make up will introduce a few kinds of flowers and plants that suit to plant box of window sill flower, act quickly rise, make way for a person to envy to goPetunia is drought-resistant, flowering period is long, spring, summer, fall 3 seasons can blossom, the flower is big heavy and dense, design and color is rich and colorful, plant flower box adornment windowsill, resemble a windowsill flower waterfall, very beautiful!Geranium is the windowsill flower with common Europe, design and color is red, white, pink, purple change is very much, florescence 5-7 months, the gender likes light to like heat. Geranium breed is various, among them the malleability of tendril sex geranium is excellent, can spread whole windowsill easily, form elegant and romantic landscape3 lubricious pansy sex is fond of cool, the flower box planting outside northern windowsill also can grow well, spring and summer two seasons blossom, lively design and color makes windowsill landscape more nifty, lively, let a person see can the mood is happy!Melon leaf chrysanthemum is maintained simple, florescence is long, it is very good outdoor make scene flowers, its design and color is gorgeous much appearance, can form enthusiastic windowsill landscape, added a lot of interest for drab metope.Iris is also very suitable for windowsill, can enrich the three-dimensional landscape windowsill, flowering period for July to September, swaying red flowers, light as feather leaves, do not have a summer style.Ivy leaf type is beautiful, it is very good flower box matchs leaf material, it maintains simple, like light to also be able to bear shade already, plant window sill flower box, let branch and tendril drop naturally, can achieve balanced flower box integral modelling, enrich the action of landscape below.