flower box make your garden beautiful

- Dec 06, 2018-

Use flower box and stool skillfully, make your garden practical and beautiful!Want to add some leisure facilities to your garden without sacrificing planting space? Try this combination of flower boxes and benches to make your garden both practical and beautiful. Wood chips, concrete blocks... The garden is full of cheap materials for making this kind of flower box. It doesn't cost much to set up a perfect leisure and planting system. Try DIY and decorate your favorite leisure garden. Wooden bench flower boxes -- we often see such flower boxes in the street greening, parks, such popularity in a sense that their utility. Concrete flower boxes -- the thick edges of the concrete provide just the right place to sit and rest, which seems like a neat trick. You can control the height and thickness of the masonry to suit your needs. Masonry bench flower box - this material seems so easy to get, but the effect is absolutely solid and durable. In a garden, function and landscape do not conflict, sometimes just a little bit of ideas and ideas of flexibility can help you open the shackles of thought, quickly to create your own small warm garden ~