Features of fully automatic irrigation flowerpots

- Apr 12, 2018-

Automatic irrigation: watering once a week can be as long as 12 weeks of water and nutrients, so that your plants grow best in the best environment. The nursing is simple.

Aseptic: soilless culture technology is adopted to avoid the reproduction of soil parasites and keep your indoor and outdoor cleanliness.

Sturdy: because its material is molded, even if it is not careful, it will not be damaged on the ground.

Easy to handle: the quality of the flower pot is light, plus the roller device, you can move indoors and outside.

Anti ultraviolet: because of its high quality coating on ceramic surface and metallic luster, even under intense sunlight, the flowerpot will not be deformed and discolored.

Frost resistance: a flowerpot can resist any bad weather.

Environmental protection and economize: the mineral soil of flowerpot is imported from Germany, the original matching can be used repeatedly, saving and environmental protection.

High quality products: imported flowerpot imported from Germany, made in Germany and manufactured in Germany, is a guarantee of high quality.