Discussion on the important role of plant wall in courtyard greening

- Apr 12, 2018-

With the development of society, people pursue a more beautiful living environment, will design their own villa garden as green garden, through the color of plants, give people the most strong sense of beauty. Such as bright colors give people a sense of exultation; dark tones make people dreary; rough, smooth, hard and soft give people different feelings.

With the change of spring, summer, autumn, winter and other seasonal changes of plant landscape, as well as rain, snow, wind, frost, and other climatic changes, the features of the plant's shape, color, texture and so on constantly change, and the space also presents different scene and artistic conception. But in general, courtyard design is based on tranquil plant green, which helps to eliminate people's fatigue.

As an important means of providing outdoor leisure, indoor and outdoor viewing and improving the ecological environment, courtyard design can not only purify the air, reduce environmental pollution and noise, change the small climate of the living environment, but also create a beautiful environment and bring people into the green of nature. A comfortable sense of returning to nature makes the living environment beautiful, lively and colorful.

Green plants in the courtyard can not only prevent direct sunlight, but also consume a lot of heat through its own transpiration and photosynthesis, regulating the microclimate and humidity in the courtyard. Plants can also absorb harmful gases, secrete volatile substances, kill bacteria in the air, such as lerstroemia, jasmine, orchid, lilac and so on. It is harmless to the people and the insects of mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies and other pests can be avoided and can also inhibit or kill bacteria and viruses.