Classification of flowerpots

- Apr 12, 2018-

1. FRP flowerpot: also called FRP flowerpot, texture is made of clay sculpture or mold. Various styles, strong and durable, no deformation and corrosion resistance. The specifications are complete. The surface can be used for various color effects.

2. sandstone flowerpot: this basin is made of fine sandstone, with various colors. It is the best material in flower pots, and the surface can make effect.

GRC cement flowerpot: This flowerpot is heavy. In the flowerpot, cement is added with antisepsis, imitation freeze, imitation corrosion material and extra fiber cloth, which is durable and the surface effect can be made into stone spray paint effect.

3. magnesite flowerpot: mix Magnesium Oxide and brine, add modifier, put the mixture on the glass net cloth, make the flowerpot needed. This flowerpot is low in price and varied in style. Durable。 Interior decoration works.

4. bottles: also known as the Devonian and biscuiting basin. This basin is made of clay. It has two kinds of red and gray. It has good drainage and breathability, low price and complete specifications, and is most suitable for family flower raising.

5. purple sand basin: also known as pottery. Ingenious, simple and generous, is purple, complete specifications, but its performance is less than being permeable to water and air. It is used for planting wet and humid flowers and trees, and also for making basins.