Characteristics of electrostatic spray assembly fence

- Apr 12, 2018-

1, the three parts of the horizontal pipe, the vertical pipe and the vertical column are all steel pipes with different specifications and four layers of anticorrosion treatment. The anticorrosion performance is good and the service life is long. After electrostatic spraying, it can be reached for 15 years, and the maintenance and renewal cost of the product is eliminated. After life, it can be repainted and reused.

2, assembly fence without welding, steel pipe surface clean, no solder joints, can be assembled on-site installation, and also can be transported before assembling.

3, the design of anti-theft bolts can better meet the safety requirements of customers. 

4. Assemble the fence color

Electrostatic spray assembly fence of steel decoration ring

Electrostatic spray assembly fence of steel decoration ring

Diverse, so it not only has beautiful characteristics, but also plays a good protective role.

5, good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and moisture and heat resistance. It is suitable for different regions.

6, all kinds of decorative rings also add a touch of novelty to the fence.