Carbide wood planters

- Dec 21, 2018-

Carbide wood is wood in a relatively closed environment, on the high temperature (180-230 ℃) processing, and get a wood with partial carbon features, and is called "carbonized wood.Features:1, pure natural, pure green, pollution-free: wood in the whole process of being processed, only with steam and hot air contact, do not add any chemical reagent, maintain the natural nature of wood.2, purify the air: carbonized wood as the name suggests, wood drying after treatment, with some special functions of carbon, can absorb impurities in the air, has the effect of filtering air to improve people's breathing environment.3, super environmental stability: in the process of high temperature carbonization of wood, the hydrophilic factor inside the wood is recombined, reducing the moisture absorption balance point of wood, commonly known as the "wet line", is not easy to be affected by the surrounding environment, it can be seen that it is applicable to all kinds of wood products.4, strong anticorrosion: wood in the carbonization process, wood inside most of the mold and all of the insect in the high temperature was killed in the air, and wood under high temperature condition, the nutrition of its internal composition is complex and severe chemical changes have taken place, degradation or restructuring, can make the surviving bacteria die due to loss of nutrition to sustain life. That is to say, wood will not mildew after carbonization.5, lumber lumber color is luxuriant, change mononefold tree species is onefold color: lumber is in carbonization process the inside and outside of lumber is affected by heat even and consistent, lumber is below the action of high temperature, produced the color change of physics sex -- lumber lumber color is deepened can compare with the precious lumber of a few tropics, come to tropics, improve the savour of environmental whole.6. Easy coating and maintenance: the surface layer of carbonized wood has no oil components such as resin, easy coating. There is no defect of surface pilling during processing. So it's pretty easy to install and maintain.Use attention1, carbonized wood should not be used in contact with soil and water environment. 2. The holding force of carbonized wood is lower than that of untreated wood, so it is recommended to drill holes first and then install nail holes to reduce and avoid wood cracking. 3, carbonized wood in the outdoor use of uv wood coating is recommended to prevent wood fading after a long time.