Café de flore

- Oct 17, 2018-

The significance of the cafe, in Paris, is a good place to pass the time, not just in the cafe, they whisper or meditation or talk, let the thoughts wandering, in the aroma of coffee is full-bodied, in the spark and fierce collision of ideas gave birth to a fair death honors the whole life of the great work, also witnessed the love really look like.

The Café de flore not only witnessed the love between simone DE beauvoir, but also inspired the talents of Picasso and Albert camus. In a sense, hua shen coffee already represents the spirit of left-bank liberalism, which is also what more people pursue.

If you are not in Paris, we have found some excellent outdoor cafes in Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou to recommend. Light a cup of coffee under an open awning while the breeze blows, and set aside the heavy, verbose affairs.

all cafe shop will be decorated with flowers. our metal planter boxes, pvc flower pots can be used suitable for the cafe and flowers