Broken wooden flower boxes

- Dec 07, 2018-

Ancestral alley residents posted on the wall that they had seen three broken "grass buckets" in the middle of the road when they passed by the zonghuamen scenic area. These are three wooden flower boxes, the original paint has been dappled, some wooden slats also fell off deformation. There were no flowers in the flowerbed, but weeds.Ask who of lead: the park chief answer: be hit by the car of! How could a collision look like this?Another staff member said: "this a few flower box have also planted some flowers, but in the end are under artificial damage and had to give up", wood box also has its bad places, not resistant to hit, and easy to bad, we also want to change a new flower bed next or something in there, but the specific use what to think about it."Analysis problems: 1. The service life of wooden flower boxes is only 2-3 years, and the annual maintenance cost will increase several times in the later stage. 2, spray paint, wood flower box maintenance is mainly to brush a layer of anticorrosive paint on the surface, has a certain effect, but not environmental protection; 3, most of the wooden flower boxes are placed in the outdoors, the sun and rain alone rot must be serious.For this kind of wooden flower box problem, we visited a number of garden companies, but also for the garden company to do in-depth research on the pain points. At the end of 2017, we successfully developed several customized flower boxes (AAD flower boxes).The first AAD flower box: plastic wood aluminum alloy flower box; Its features: environmental protection, service life of 5-8 years, can be customized any wood grain color, solve drainage; The second AAD flower box: aluminum alloy flower box; Its characteristics: environmental protection, service life of 8-15 years, can be customized any wood grain color, cost-effective, weight easily moved, recyclable.These flower boxes through the network to promote the market, by the majority of garden companies and customers praise!