Attention points of the design of plant wall

- Apr 12, 2018-

Because of the uncertainty of the size and shape of plant wall plants, it is difficult to design the effect of plant wall as expected. Most of the plant wall design in the industry will be marked with grid or line color block diagram, but it needs to be interpreted in combination with architecture, scene, space and proportion, and some aspects should be paid attention to.

1, strict plant distribution contrast diagram

Plant is the most important element of the plant wall and the most important element in the design of the plant wall. The matching of plants and color blocks or lines can explain or express the art state of the future of the plant wall, and even some designs will fill the plant as a filling, and the design will enter the drawings, which will be more like the expression, but this design needs to be established. Certain material database and experience and control ability for three-dimensional space status of plants.

2. Design of auxiliary elements

The auxiliary elements of the plant wall include the frame, the water storage and the drainage system and the modified elements. In the design drawings of the plant walls, the plant walls should be expressed as accurately as possible, especially the plant walls with various elements. The relationship between the plants and other elements should be paid more attention to the better representation of the practical and artistic forms.

3, the interpretation of structural stratification

The main part of the plant wall in the facade space is the space of thickness. The interpretation of the structure can express the technology of the plant wall and the state of occupying the facade space. It also has the guiding significance for the builders.

The design drawings of plant walls are quite extensive. Finally, they must be combined with the actual situation.