Aluminum alloy Pergola and Arbos

- May 23, 2018-

aluminum alloy pergola and arbors advantages: 

  1. Waterproof and Moistureproof The traditional wood material in the humid environment is easy to rot, swell, deformation and finally damage. and aluminum alloy material is very good to solve this problem, aluminum alloy itself is corrosion-resistant building materials, and modern surface treatment technology to the aluminum alloy more wear a protective clothing, in the humid environment, aluminum alloy waterproof and moisture-proof ability are very strong.

    2. Insect-resistant moth. Termites Wood material is very easy to provoke termites, the service life is very limited, aluminum alloy is metal products, can completely eliminate insect harassment, the use of up to 50, is a modern garden construction excellent choice.

    3. Late Maintenance worry-free Aluminum pavilion and grape frame does not crack, does not swell, does not deform, no need for repair and maintenance, easy to clean, save later maintenance and maintenance costs. 

     4. Personalized Customization On behalf of the production process to make aluminum alloy colorful, full of individuality, a variety of home style can be satisfied. At the same time, the plasticity of aluminum alloy is very strong, can be a simple modern wind, can be a stylish Jane European wind, there are simple antique ancient color emblem of the wind. And the processing is very good, can saw, can be set, can bend, can be straight, can drill, can round, can square, can make wood products cannot produce all kinds of modelling.

       5. Green Environmental Protection Aluminum alloy materials can be recycled, known as low-carbon environmental pollution-free building materials, products do not contain harmful to the human body benzene, formaldehyde and other substances, replacing wood, greatly reducing the vegetation damage, in line with national policy of sustainable development, the benefit of mankind

     6. Fire-Retardant Strong Wooden pavilion, grape racks easily caused by fire curtilage loss, and aluminum alloy material to completely solve wood products easy to burn, there are hidden problems of security, is a safe home decoration products

     7. Securely and securely High-strength titanium magnesium alloy materials, can resist external shocks, not broken, do not collapse, do not dump, safe performance is very high.