aluminum alloy pergola

- Jan 10, 2019-

About the length of outdoor service life of pergola, it is vitally linked with his raw material metal aluminium alloy, aluminium alloy intensity is high, and have quite tenacity, it is the necessary condition that processes all sorts of norms profile.Generally, the performance of aluminum alloy pergola than other profiles, the performance will be more stable, safe and solid is the important performance of aluminum alloy grape frame.Aluminium alloy pergola does not need to maintain after one-time investment, have the advantage such as high bearing, anticorrosive mouldproof moth-proofing, not easy be out of shape and free maintenance, energy-saving environmental protection is healthy.pergola of aluminium alloy can be applied extensively at the place such as place of oneself small courtyard, gazebo, villa and recreational place, have taller economic benefit and cultural benefit, can adapt to the daily life of people more.