advantage of pvc flower boxes

- May 18, 2018-

To ask the advantages of the PVC flower box, you have to mention some of the characteristics of PVC material itself. Waterproof, flame-retardant, acid and alkali, moth, light, heat preservation, sound insulation, damping characteristics.
Compared with wood, the processing performance is much better than that of wood in the same processing, wood, aluminum, composite plates of the perfect substitute, in various industries and fields in the use of a particularly wide range of practical value in the constant climb, PVC used in the production of flower boxes is also a perfect application. In addition, PVC sheet also has a flame retardant, can be extinguished from fire, can be used safely, have moistureproof, mildew, do not absorb the performance of water, and good shockproof effect. PVC Foam board Not only light texture, storage and transportation, construction convenience. And can be like wood drilling, sawing, nails, planing, sticky and other ways of processing. PVC foam board can be used for thermoforming, heating bending and folding processing. PVC foam board with smooth surface, can also be printed.
And these good material performance and well reflected in the flower box production and use, coupled with the internal structure of the design and improvement, but also the increase in the internal needs of plant integration. "Man-made harmony" This is the PVC flower box to bring us real experience and practice. Let the man-made natural conditions in the flower box perfect combination. Not only to meet people's needs for landscaping environment, but also to meet the growth and development of plants in the process of all the needs. You are promoted, this is an immutable rule, for the three-dimensional greening company is also the case, the characteristics of the flower box to determine the quality of each aspect of the design and layout of the integration and consideration, take the drainage and water storage of these two opposite sides, both to consider good drainage, but also water storage. So in the internal structure, we should set up such two constructs that are both interrelated and not contradictory. The details became the key to the letter.