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Profile: Plastic Size:any size customized What kind of plant does the outdoor vertical greening wall usually adopt? In recent years, with the rise of green buildings, people began to use a variety of green means to combine urban buildings with green plants, outdoor wall also appeared in...

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self-watering Green Wall

Size:any size customized

What kind of plant does the outdoor vertical greening wall usually adopt? In recent years, with the rise of green buildings, people began to use a variety of green means to combine urban buildings with green plants, outdoor wall also appeared in People's view.

In view of the limited situation of urban ground greening, it is one of the important ways of increasing urban greening coverage and improving urban ecological environment to solve the urban heat island effect and to meet the demand of urban landscape on the basis of promoting the urban green quantity, and to make use of climbing plants for vertical greening. The choice of outdoor plant wall plants must start from the environment of the building wall, first consider the basic requirements to meet the plant growth, and then take into account the art of plant allocation. Outdoor plant walls are mainly outdoor, compared with indoor plant wall, there are many advantages, such as light, air mobility, but at the same time the outdoor plant wall also exists with many environment can be limited, because the building wall of sunshine, temperature, air composition, wind and other ecological factors and the ground is significantly different.

The ecological factors of different floors and different regions and different conditions are different, so we should choose the plants according to the outdoor ecological factors, so as to achieve the expected effect.

Plant wall in the building wall wind than the ground, especially in the rainy season or the advent of typhoons, wind and rain on the survival of the most harmful plants, coupled with a thin wall planting layer, should choose some resistance, not easy to lodging plants Because of the high temperature of the building wall, the wind, soil moisture performance is poor, winter is poor insulation, plant wall should choose and dry early, strong cold resistance of plants.

Also have to test to the wall surface special geographical environment and load-bearing requirements. Most of the building wall is direct sunlight, light intensity, plant should try to choose a positive plant.

Planting layer for wall building of self-watering Green Wall

Thin, in order to prevent the root system erosion of the structure, plant wall should be selected as far as possible root system and pain-resistant thin plant species As far as possible the use of township plants, appropriate introduction of new green varieties.

Plant wall native plants to the local climate has a high degree of adaptability, in the context of relatively bad, the selection of local plants have more than half the effort. Aiming at the living environment condition of special bead, the selection of outdoor vertical greening plants should be early and heat, cold and cold, and strong light, resistance to strong wind and less pests and diseases of the plant mainly (except for special conditions), but also, the growth characteristics and ornamental characteristics of stability, can be extensive management, the ability to clear control temperature strong selection of outdoor vertical greening plant dark groove items, Should be rapid growth, the Four Seasons Evergreen, with a higher ornamental value, can quickly form a landscape effect of the selection of forces. Plants should be used as low shrubs, lawn, ground and climbing plants, which is not only beneficial to reduce the maintenance of the base, but also the characteristics of the soil substrate thickness of the living adaptation.

In addition, it is not advisable to choose plant plants with stronger root penetration to prevent plant roots from wearing structural layers.

Alternative greening plants are:

Color leaf Wood: Hongye Heather, Phnom Penh boxwood, red flowers and trees, West Golden Peach leaf Coral, red maple, golden leaf berberine, Purple atropurpurea, European small leaves, flower leaf hu decadent son.

Flowers and plants: Rose, iron begonia, tea plum, camellia, crape myrtle, Rhododendron, American Forsythia, Phoenix,Kerria japonica, Wax plum, Umbrella Fang, golden bird flower, Deutzia sulfur, red rui wood, big flower drunk fish grass, Earth Jing Jing ", Big flower Six, gold and silver honeysuckle, Mediterranean and so on.

Fruit plant: South Day bamboo, fire spines, citric, tomatoes and so on.

Lianas: Honeysuckle, Huang, Spring, Luzhou-flavour spring, ivy, flower leaf vine changchun flower, grape, stone, wisteria, this rose gland South snake, Euonymus vine, kiwi, brown honeysuckle, passion fruit, cucumber, loofah, Tsutaichi Luo, Newa, Pueraria, etc.

Evergreen plants: Podocarpus, five needles pine, paved cypress, Euonymus japonicus, melon seeds, lilac flowers, octagonal gold plate, tortoise shell Holly, Finch, ant mother, the broad leaf of the top ten, Hubei ten credit, no thorn bone, Hu decadent son, prostrated branches bright green honeysuckle and so on.

Herb: Buddha nail grass, vertical basin grass, Ye Jingtian, German King Day, large flower Portulaca oleracea, golden leaf crossing yellow, thrush grass, sparrow, Big Fan

Grass, rosemary, safflower Shamrock, Canna, Geranium, calendula, dry lotus, evergreen, Dahlia and so on. Vertical greening plant wall optimization season-aid type vertical Greening plant variety is five claw jinlong, big Huashan, honeysuckle; the optimum vertical suspension type vertical greening plant variety is the vine Lantana and the South American touch Chrysanthemum. It is noteworthy that the five-claw dragon for alien invasive species, large huashan cattle growing strong, the two in no artificial in advance of the brother under the rampant growth of the surrounding plant growth caused by the shadow, and even caused serious ecological damage. Therefore, in the actual application of these two plants to vertical greening time, we should strictly control their growth environment, regular manual repair and cleaning, to avoid the growth of the disaster, but also conducive to maintaining a more sustained and stable vertical greening landscape.

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