Street Guardrail with wood planter

wood rail for street with big flower pots, it can be put on the cisty street as a barrier

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 Street Guardrail with wood planter

In real life, we have to say that the wood-grain barrier plays a major role in the bridge we use, and in view of this, we try to develop more and more beautiful imitation of wood barrier style.It not only avoids the risk of vehicles and pedestrians crossing the bridge, but also decorates and beautifies the bridge. As for many elevated Bridges, the beauty of the wooden parapet is also the key to measure the representativeness of a bridge. However, some external factors will inevitably affect the appearance of the barrier, such as external cracks, external color differences, etc., these cracks will also affect the quality of the barrier in the long run, and there will be safety problems.

Wood fence is using a special process technology for cement and steel base material to make into look like real wood, urban gardens, parks, scenic spots, such as construction of new rural construction, beautiful country use imitation wood fence, building on the use of imitation wood, such as characteristics: bright color, smooth surface, high strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, do not fade, no crack, no advantages of embrittlement, become * adornment effect of the guardrail products, suitable for roads and Bridges, clean and spacious streets, bright beautiful beautiful guardrail hit each other, build a kind of beautiful scenery, is a good addition to the our city; Let our high-grade urban construction to a new level.

 Street Guardrail with wood planter is familiar to everyone and can be seen everywhere, but why is it so widely used? What are the characteristics of the imitation wood fence? Here is a brief description of the characteristics of the imitation wood guardrail:

(1) waterproof and moisture-proof. The imitation wood guardrail basically solved the problem of wood products easily decaying and expansion and deformation after absorbing water and moisture in the wet and multi-water environment, which can be used in the environment where traditional wood products cannot be used.

(2) insect control, termite control and wood imitation fence can effectively eliminate insect harassment and extend the service life.

(3) a wide variety of colors to choose from. Imitation wood barrier already has natural woodiness feeling and woodiness grain, can customize the color that needs according to oneself individual character again

(4) strong plasticity, wood imitation guardrails can be very simple to achieve personalized modeling, fully reflect individual style.

(5) high environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free and recyclable. The wood imitation fence is free of benzene, with a formaldehyde content of 0.2, lower than the EO grade standard and the European grade environmental protection standard. It can be recycled and greatly saves the use amount of wood, and is suitable for the national policy of sustainable development, benefiting the society.

(6) high fire resistance. Imitation wood guardrail can be effectively flame retardant, fire class reached B1 level, meet fire self-extinguishing, do not produce any poisonous gas.

(7) good machinability, it can be ordered, planed, sawed, drilled and painted on the surface.

(8) simple installation and convenient construction. No complex construction technology is required to save installation time and cost

(9)  Street Guardrail with wood planter wood-like guardrails do not crack, expand or deform. No maintenance and maintenance is required. It is easy to clean and saves maintenance and maintenance costs.

(10) the sound absorption effect is good, and the energy-saving property of imitation wood guardrails is good, making the indoor energy saving up to 30% or more.The artistic pursuit of wood grain guardrails, the return to the natural life freehand brushwork, meet your creative design requirements without limitation, is the best choice to replace natural wood.

Wood Street Fence With Flower Pots

Wood Street Fence With Flower Pots

Wood Street Fence With Flower Pots

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