Aluminum pergola Cottage

Size:H30cm-50cm, customized Application and characteristics of courtyard guardrail profile Courtyard Guardrail profiles are widely used in courtyard and other places. Courtyard Guardrail profile using patented socket-type connectors for installation can greatly improve the installation speed,...

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Aluminum  pergola Cottage, do you want install it in your home garden? 

Size:H30cm-50cm, customized

With what material is pergola built better?The traditional grape trestle is made of aluminum alloy and wood. Wood is the most popular material because of wood

Aluminum  pergola Cottage is strong enough to support the vines and the harvested fruit.Grape frame of aluminium alloy is a kind of flower frame made of wood grain aluminium alloy. Aluminum alloy is a new typeAs a kind of building decoration material, it solves the problem of monotonous color of aluminum alloy appearance and makes aluminum closeThe surface of the gold profile has the effect of colorful simulation wood grainA kind of tender and kind, high and luxuriant wood grain exterior is shown before the world, enhanced adornment effect therebyFruit, expanded product application range.Note:The vines are heavy and need strong support. Besides, grapevines grow very fast.There also needs to be enough space for the vines to grow. Since these plants are permanent, they must be kept aliveSuitable construction site must be selected to avoid disturbance of other plants.Before selecting a grape tree, it is necessary to ensure that it is planted in the right place so that the vines can be obtainedNecessary sunshine. The natural terrace is the most popular functional area in the garden. Like planting reptiles,For example, clematis, tuberose, honeysuckle and grapevine, patio is a good choice.The vines need enough water to stand near the water.



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