Bridge fence

Size:H80cm-120cm, customized Advantages of PVC Flower Box PVC Foaming Flower Box using PVC micro-foaming technology has the following characteristics and advantages (1) Waterproof, moisture-proof.Different from wood for a long time under the wet environment easy formation of blue and so on. (2)...

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Bridge fence is made by wooden grain aluminum material. which is durable for outdoor. it can be good decoration for briage.

Size:H80cm-120cm, customized

Bridge guardrail refers to the guardrail on the bridge. The purpose is to prevent the runaway vehicles from crossing over the bridge, which has the function of preventing vehicles from breaking through, undercrossing, crossing over the bridge and beautifying the bridge construction. The selection should first be based on the highway grade, comprehensive consideration of the safety of bridge guardrail, coordination, the characteristics of the object to be protected and the site geometric conditions and other factors to determine.

aluminum profilesaluminum profilesaluminum profiles

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