Aluminum Panel Fencing

types of perforation in aluminum panels, the holes is curved, and can be made of many designs as you need. the aluminum is very light but durable, beautiful and nature with wooden grain.the post can be made as galvanised steel but also can be made as aluminum wooden grain post as photos.the panel is 2mm thickness, durable more than wood or WPC or steel.

Product Details

Aluminum panel fencing with curved patterns.  it can be made as wooden grain.

Aluminum plate carved guardrail using a new guardrail material aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy with its unique advantages "do not rust" and is known, gradually become the use of many street projects, guardrail security is still important;It will not rust, will not produce light pollution, lasting can always new, both beautiful and durable;1, light weight: its weight is only iron, steel, copper one-third, but the hardness is their several times, light weight aluminum alloy balcony Guardrail, not only easy to handle, transport is also cheaper, is now a popular commercial construction materials.
 2, Strong: Aluminum profile hardness can withstand the pull and larger impact, its resistance can be compared to other traditional construction materials better. 3, Corrosion resistance: the appearance of aluminum alloy balcony guardrail tightly attached to a layer of solid aluminum oxide film, through the surface treatment such as paint or anodize oxidation, it can further strengthen its maintenance function, so it is very corrosive, so it can be safely used in the air polluted city or the coastal area of sea salt corrosion. Speaks for you to deal with repairs.
Aluminum engraving metal staircase handrail Guardrail fence 4, Exquisite lubrication appearance: aluminum unique advantages can be applied to a variety of different external polishing skills, more widespread paint, powder coating, anodize oxidation, electroplate. The surface is lubricated powder coating can defend ultraviolet light, need not often repair change can keep bright luster for a long time, powder coating is durable, and there are a variety of colors to choose from.
Aluminum engraving metal staircase handrail Guardrail fence
5, security functions: The company's balcony protection using high-strength aluminum alloy, through the t15 heat treatment molding, and through careful planning, the appearance of no any drilling, joints, solder joints, all the strength of the great.
6, all appearance: linear appearance, soft color, can coordinate the surrounding scene, can blend modern urban space and natural environment, let you leisurely swim in the meantime.
7, practicality: special process treatment, forming a lasting maintenance film, lubrication flat, never rust, easy to clean, do not need to maintain.
8, comfort: Enjoy the beautiful scenery, to provide you with a comfortable, safe channel.


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